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Orange Quatreau Touch kitchen tap and Green drinks station in contemporary kitchen with marble surfaces and pink cabinets

Spring kitchen refresh: uplift your space, maximise wellbeing.

Spring is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your space and evaluate your wellbeing. And then find clever ways to enhance both. We’ve got you covered, whether you need a kitchen design refresh, better ways to hydrate, or want to improve sustainability. We’ve even got a simple solution so you can be more comfortable in your own skin.

A clever combination: all-in-one kitchen taps & home water purifiers

The Quatreau range of drinks stations and 5-in-1 taps combine clever technology with style to enhance your kitchen, maximise taste, minimise clutter and help you be more environmentally friendly.

A splash of colour: now available in over 200+ colours, Quatreau is a great way to personalise your kitchen and bring the latest design trends into your home. Colour can lift our mood and transform a space. Whatever inspires you, there’s a #TapToMatch.

Maximise taste & wellbeing: Quatreau taps and drinks stations dispense filtered water as standard, but you can upgrade to pure water by combining Quatreau with a PureH2O water purifier. This gives the best tasting water with a 98-99.99% reduction in contaminants and impurities that are associated not just with poor taste, but also a range of health concerns.

Quatreau kitchen filter taps and drinks stations in 200 colours
#TapToMatch: Quatreau kitchen taps and drinks stations are now available in over 200 colours so you can refresh your space with the latest design trends.

Maximise enjoyment: instant sparkling, chilled and boiling water makes entertaining a breeze and ordinary days at home a pleasure. Add berries to sparkling water, and herbs, citrus zest or cucumber ribbons to a jug of chilled. And let’s not forget sparkling summer spritzers and how easy it is to make endless pots of tea with instant boiling.

Buy British to protect the environment.

Declutter & minimise your environmental impact: Quatreau completely replaces bottled water to free up space in your fridge and recycling bin and minimise food miles. This is especially true when you combine Quatreau with our new RODI+ water purifier. Because it’s made right here in the UK, RODI+ racks up just 250 miles in CO2 footprint, compared to 4,425 and 9,120 with systems manufactured in the USA and China.

Plus, it’s the most water efficient purifier of its kind – a great help if you’re on a water meter!

We think Quatreau and PureH2O water purifiers are the perfect pairing to refresh your kitchen and boost your wellbeing. But if you want just one or the other, that’s fine!

Woman bathing in softened water
A Whole Home water softener makes a big difference to skin comfort.

Not forgetting… love the (soft) skin you’re in.

You can really maximise your wellbeing by taking a look at ALL the ways you use water in the home. Winter is usually the worst time for dry skin. However, many people suffer year round because they live in a hard water area.

If you suffer from dry skin, lacklustre hair, or have limescale in your kettle and dishwasher, a water softener will make a dramatic difference to your body’s comfort. It will also protect your appliances from the inevitable damage limescale causes.

Our Whole Home water systems offer ingenious ways to bring comfort, clarity and safety to all water use. SoftPro gives you soft water everywhere you wash your hands, shower or bathe. We have a filtration system for the entire house, and a total microbiological control system for ultimate protection.

Order your Spring refresh now

If you’d like to order a home water purifier, Quatreau multifunction filtered tap or a water softener – or just ask a question – you can call our team on 01483 617000. Alternatively, email or fill out our contact form. We’d love to help you uplift your space and maximise your wellbeing and enjoyment this Spring!


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