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Pure H2O products are made in the UK & Kiwa KUKreg4 approved

Quatreau Touch™

Quatreau Touch™ the most advanced and elegant tap on the market dispenses filtered or purified Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling drinking water, plus Cold unfiltered mains and thermostatically preset 40C Hot water for washing, the perfect temperature instant to Touch.

One Tap with the power to deliver any variation of drink, hot or cold.

180 mugs tea or coffee or hot beverage every hour without temperature drop

120 bottles of Pure Ice-Cold Still or Sparkling water every hour

It even does the washing up without the need to think about the best temperature to use.

With the highest level of insulation possible, Touch is at least 33% more power efficient than a kettle and imagine the savings over storage of bottles in the fridge not to mention the logistics and waste so you can feel good about never buying bottled water again, reducing your environmental impact and saving storage space.

Made in England from 316 stainless steel for quality and durability, with a Brushed or Polished finish, Quatreau Touch™ is the only British made boiling tap on the market.

Complete with built-in leak detector and 2 valves for each choice of water there is no more reliable system to choose from.

Features & Benefits

Standard models deliver an instant draw of 3 litres and up to 30 litres or 180 mugs per hour without loss in temperature.

For higher demand simply upgrade to the Infinite model and add PurityPRO purification if located in a hard-water area to eliminate scale.

Standard C20 models have a capacity of 20 l/h at 4C.

Upgrade to C50 model for 50 l/h at 4C.


Standard CS20 models have a capacity of 20 l/h at 4C.

Upgrade to CS50 model for 50 l/h at 4C.

Hand Hot & Cold unfiltered
The hand wash mains preset to 40C is delivered instantly by a single Touch and a double Touch of the same icon provides instant Cold mains.

Upgrade to PureH2O with a PurityPRO™ drinking water purifier for the ultimate taste, purer than all bottled water brands and no bottled water waste.

PureH2O eliminates hard water scale that builds up in Boilers protecting your equipment for many years of use not to mention the improvement to the taste and appearance of drinks.  Nothing is more environmentally friendly.

33% more energy-efficient than a kettle; unbeatable thermal insulation.

Quatreau chiller systems are fully encased in solid polyurethane insulation providing the most thermally efficient method of chilling and dispensing chilled water as and when it is needed. Far more efficient than storing water in fridges!

Quatreau Touch comes with a 3 touch lock code

Boiling requires a 3 touch sequence to activate and has an auto cut-off after 60 seconds. Outer hoop remains cool enough to touch.

Chilled & Sparkling auto cut-out

Mains Hot & Cold auto cut-out 1 minute

Quatreau Touch subsink equipment should be installed directly under the tap or in an adjacent cupboard.

Standard models with CS20 or CS50 require 1 x 600mm cupboard

For the Infinite upgrade a minimum cupboard space of 800mm is required / 1200mm to include the PurityPRO purification system (unless remotely installed)

See technical drawings and Pre-installation guide for accurate details and site prep.

All models require :

1 x 1/2″ isolated mains cold water supply located right side of cupboard

2 x 13 amp SSO power point located left side of cupboard (3 for Infinite models)

1 x trapped waste with up-stand installed back left of cupboard

All equipment carries a 12 months warranty with option to extend to our a 10 Year Cover-All plan subject to Annual Service Agreement paid monthly or annually in advance.

Technical Support

Quatreau® requires just on annual service.

Should you ever require technical support our Customer Service & Technical team is here to help you. Please call 01483 617000 or email



All equipment comes with a 12 month Guarantee that may be extended to a 10 Year Cover-All plan subject to Annual Service Agreement paid monthly or annually in advance.


Why our customers love Quatreau®

Our Vision is to improve our customers health through the quality of water they drink whilst reducing the need for plastic bottles.


PureH2O Ltd manufactures, installs and maintains the world’s most innovative water purification systems and the most technologically advanced boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps. Since 1991 we have been committed to providing our domestic and commercial customers with the purest, safest, most sustainable choice of drinking water, which helps them reduce their environmental impact by avoiding single-use plastic bottled water.

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