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UV-Pro Whole Home

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Safeguarding the quality of drinking water, Ultra-Violet light is highly effective in the control of micro-organism and pathogens. UV Radiation damages the DNA of bacteria preventing proliferation. It is a highly effective and widely used method in the treatment of E.Coli, coliform, Giardia, Salmonella Cryptosporidium. UV-Pro™ systems are fabricated from Stainless Steel creating a cylindrical chamber in which a crystal sleeve is housed. The light is inserted into the sleeve. Effectiveness of UV light is enhanced by the internal surfaces of the chamber being electro polished. This finish reflects the UV light ensuring that micro-organisms are hit from every conceivable angle and cannot hide in the shadow of another.

Chemical-free water treatment UV is a chemical free method for treating water. Requiring a single power source, once installed there is little maintenance other than annual bulb replacement. Turbidity in feed water can reduce effectiveness so in cases where levels are high the installation of Ultra-Filtration upstream in the process can be considered. The UVPro™ has 4 models in the range and options to allow flexible installation, it is ideal for under-counter, whole house, borehole, swimming pool etc.


UVPro Commercial™ can be used in any applications where micro-organism proliferation can occur. May be installed as a scrubbing process for storage tanks, swimming pools and reservoirs. In addition to the features common to the range, the UVPro Commerical™ also has

  • Audible and visual alarm
  • Lamp failure indicator

Models: UVPro 16W™/25W™/55W™

  • Maximum operating pressure: 8bar (116 psi)
  • Ambient water temperature: 2 – 40˚C (36 – 104˚F)
  • Iron < 0.3ppm (0.3 mg / L)
  • Hardness < 7gpg (120 mg / L)
  • Turbidity < 1 NTU
  • UV transmittance > 75%

UVPro Commercial™

  • Maximum operating pressure: 8bar (116 psi)
  • Ambient water temperature: 2 – 40˚C (36 -104˚F)
  • Iron < 0.3ppm (0.3 mg / L)
  • Hardness < 7gpg (120 mg / L)
  • Turbidity < 1 NTU
Flow rate at 94% UVT@30mJ/cm2, 2GPM at max.
1.5GPM at max.
@30mJ/cm2, 6GPM at max.
4.5GPM at max.
@30mJ/cm2, 8GPM at max.
@40mJ/cm2, 6GPM at max.
@30mJ/cm2, 24GPM at max.
@40mJ/cm2, 18GPM at max.
Chamber size370mm length,
63.5mm diameter
508mm length,
63.5mm diameter
965mm length,
63.5mm diameter
965mm length,
63.5mm diameter
Ballast size98mm ( L ) x 58mm ( W ) x 32mm ( H )98mm ( L ) x 58mm ( W ) x 32mm ( H )98mm ( L ) x 58mm ( W ) x 32mm ( H )98mm ( L ) x 58mm ( W ) x 32mm ( H )
Inlet/outlet port size1/2” male thread1/2” male thread3/4” male thread3/4” male thread
Voltage220-240V 50/60Hz220-240V 50/60Hz220-240V 50/60Hz220-240V 50/60Hz
Lamp power16w25w55w110w (55w x 2)
Max. working pressure8 bar8 bar8 bar8 bar
Ambient water temperature2-40˚C2-40˚C2-40˚C2-40˚C
Visual lamp failure alarmYesYesYesYes
Visual power onYesYesYesYes

Site preparation details

UV-Pro are installed directly onto the mains cold water supply. We typically mount our systems on a wall with sufficient space to remove the bulb for annual replacement. Our range are designed for 15/22/28mm and can also be applied to larger dimensions. In the case of storage tanks the installation must be down stream, post tank since tanks can be a breeding ground for bugs.

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