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Brew leaf tea in a pot with PureH2O pure water

Tea: the purer the water, the better

“The perfect cuppa is scientifically proven to be made with PureH2O!” says Roger Wiltshire, who explains why in this blog post.

Scientifically based research rarely touches on such newsworthy subjects as ‘Tea’ so when it comes to my favourite beverage, I’m obviously going to take great offence if some of the facts are painfully wrong.

Now before I start to rant about purity let me say that the study, published in the Physics of Fluids journal, was factually accurate up to the point where the ‘experts’ confirmed (a fact most of the population already know) that purified water was a clearly the better option for making tea but not too pure because that would lead to a bitter taste……WRONG!!

For all you purist advocates out there who have enjoyed tea made with PureH2O for the past 30 years, including Raymond Blanc, I know that you will scoff in horror at such sweeping and factually WRONG comments with no scientific foundation.

PureH2O makes the world’s best tea.

The facts are clear (and I certify the facts on the back of 30 years’ experience drinking tea made with PureH2O and thousands of exceptionally happy customers) that tea made with PureH2O is the sweetest and is always the most aesthetically pleasing beverage on the planet (no sweeping generalisations there).

If you want to challenge the Facts according to ME (Roger Wiltshire, founder PureH2O) then please take a trip to Planet Organic where they will actually give you our purified water for free or if you are feeling flush, buy a cup of tea (or coffee for that matter) and see for yourself.

Let me conclude by saying if its good enough for Raymond Blanc to use PureH2O to make the tea he serves at £10/pot at Le Manoir then it’s good enough for the rest of humankind.

Roger Wiltshire, PureH2O Ltd.

Roger Wiltshire, PureH2O Ltd


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