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RODI+™ space saving Reverse Osmosis water purifier


We are delighted to announce the launch of our new RODI+™ water purifier for home and business use. Designed to take up the minimum space, ensure maximum water efficiency and unrivalled water purity, RODI+™ is manufactured Great Britain for superior build quality and lifelong value. RODI+™ is a 4-stage Reverse Osmosis with De-Ionisation purification system and joins our existing 3-stage Reverse Osmosis system, the PurityPRO™.

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A British manufacturing first, RODI+™ offers greater choice to consumers and businesses.

12.04.22 Surrey, UK

Innovative developments continue at PureH2O Ltd, manufacturers of world-leading water purification systems, as they announce launch of RODI+™, their British built, space-saving Reverse Osmosis drinking water purification system.

The slimline 4-stage water purifier delivers significant improvements on traditional Reverse Osmosis (RO) and reverse osmosis with de-ionisation systems (RODI) hitherto available from the USA. RODI+™ is, worldwide, the most water-efficient purifier in its class. It delivers far higher production rates and vastly reduced waste-water compared to non-UK manufactured systems. This makes RODI+™ the most sustainable choice of drinking water purifier after the market-leading PurityPRO™, PureH2O Ltd’s existing 3-stage RO system.

RODI+™ produces up to 20* litres of drinking water per hour, compared to 5 litres or 2 litres from standard American and Chinese systems, respectively. And whilst US manufactured systems waste 30 litres per 5 litres of purified water, and Chinese systems a shocking 100 litres, RODI+™ produces just 10. PureH2O systems are manufactured in Great Britain; RODI+™ racks up just 250 miles in CO2 footprint, compared to 4,425 and 9,120 with American and Chinese systems.

As PureH2O Ltd M.D. Roger Wiltshire says:

“We are delighted to manufacture truly British RO & RODI drinking water purification systems in the UK; we use WRAS-approved storage tanks, solenoids, pipes and fittings that set us aside from imports and we are the only manufacturer to integrate leak detection with automatic shut-off for peace of mind. All this means specifiers and consumers can be confident the British-built PurityPRO™ & RODI+™ offer superior quality and lifelong value.”

RODI+™ builds on the principles on which PureH2O was founded on in 1991; to provide customers with exceptional quality drinking water in the most sustainable way, thereby reducing their environmental impact by avoiding single-use plastic bottled water. In fact, water produced by RODI+™ and PurityPRO™ is purer by far than any bottled water. 99% of inorganic and 99.99% of organic contaminants and impurities are removed, including PFAOs (recently discovered to be breaching UK water standards), nitrates, microplastics, pesticides such as metaldehyde, fertilisers, heavy metals, hormones and more.

With a significantly smaller footprint than other water purifiers at just 9 x 33 x 41cm, RODI+™ can be installed in a kickspace to free up cabinet space. Three models offer incrementally higher water outputs (5 / 10 / 20* litres per hour) and combine with water storage tank options from 4 to 100 litres to meet the needs of any premises whether homes, offices, restaurants, hotels or commercial kitchens. The option to rent or purchase will appeal to those keen to explore the taste, health and sustainability benefits of pure water.

PureH2O Ltd provide a standard faucet with their water purifiers, but both RODI+™ and PurityPRO™ are designed to integrate seamlessly with the Quatreau® range of multifunction boiling, chilled and sparkling taps. PureH2O Ltd recently announced these are KUKreg4 certified and are now available in an incredible 200+ colours with their #TapToMatch bespoke colour service. RODI+™ also integrates with steam ovens, icemakers and coffee machines. The all new RODI+™ and Quatreau® taps can be ordered directly from PureH2O Ltd, who welcome trade and consumer enquiries alike.

Notes to editors: PureH2O Ltd manufactures, installs and services the world’s most innovative water purification systems. Since 1991 the PureH2O brand under the direction of its founder, Roger Wiltshire, has provided the purest, safest, most sustainable choice of drinking water to domestic and commercial clients, helping reduce their environmental impact by avoiding single-use bottled water. *20 litres per hour available in RO+20™ only.

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PureH2O Ltd RODI+™ water purifier
RODI+™ installed in a standard domestic kitchen cabinet.


PureH2O Ltd manufactures, installs and maintains the world’s most innovative water purification systems and the most technologically advanced boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps. Since 1991 we have been committed to providing our domestic and commercial customers with the purest, safest, most sustainable choice of drinking water, which helps them reduce their environmental impact by avoiding single-use plastic bottled water.

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