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Softener-Pro Whole Home

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There are many benefits of softened water. SoftPro™ helps prevent the drying effects that are caused by hard water and leaves your skin feeling very smooth. Financial savings are made because of the reduced wear on all equipment such as taps, showers, washing machines and heating systems. Cleaning becomes far easier and your bathroom appliances will last many more years retaining their just new look.

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  • Water softeners remove calcium carbonate, iron and magnesium (scale) impurities from all household water.
  • Utilises the highest grade resin & valves for longevity & high performance, 10 year guarantee on resin.
  • Metered valve effectively reduces normal salt consumption by up to 50%.
  • Alleviates skin irritation e.g. eczema and psoriasis.

Installed at the point where mains cold water enters the property. A bridge is cut into the mains cold water supply and water diverted through the equipment of your choice

SoftPro™ MODEL SoftPro-15™ SoftPro-22™ SoftPro-28™ SoftPro COMMERCIAL™
Flow rate1cmh @ 4BarG.2-3cmh @ 4BarG.3-4cmh @ 4barG.Subject to URS.
Chamber sizeHeight 370mmHeight 890mmHeight 890mmSubject to URS.
Valve (RWPMD1) typeSubject to URS.
Inlet/outlet port size1” (m)BSP1” (m)BSP1” (m)BSPSubject to URS.
Vacuum BreakerSubject to URS.
Max. working pressure4BarG4BarG4BarG4BarG
Ambient water temperature16-22˚C16-22˚C16-22˚C16-22˚C
Optional service reminderYesYesYesYes
BMS contactNoNoSalt levelSalt level

Site preparation details

Softner-Pro are installed directly onto the mains cold water supply. All that is required is a small footprint to stand the pressure vessel and confirmation of the pipe dimensions. Our range are designed for 15/22/28mm and can also be applied to larger dimensions. In the case of storage tanks the installation must be down stream, post tank.

Access to a drainage point is required for the system to backwash and regenerate (usually every week) and of course s dingle power point is required to power the timer and valve (very low consumption).


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