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Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is a widely available media that can be used in a range of applications, water and air treatment processes. Activated through super heating of the carbon granules and cleaning with steam or acid washing the crevices in each granule of carbon produce a massive surface area that captures organics.

To give some indication as to its efficacy, Our activated Carbon is widely used in other applications such as military respirators for the removal of Nuclear Biological and Chemical agents. At PureH2O, we manufacture a large range of FilterPro™ deep bed Activated Carbon filters for the treatment of water in the home or as pre-treatment to our Reverse Osmosis plants. They can be used on mains water, bore hole water and surface water.

In conjunction with our multi-media, Ultra-Filtration and Ultraviolet systems we can remove many of the waterborne impurities to produce water that is closer to the source quality, soft and fresh – more pleasurable to bathe in whilst protecting water using appliance from the typical scale build-up we see in hard water areas in the UK. Radon in the UK poses some dangers to homes through gas and permeation into ground water supplied. FilterPro™ provides the quickest and most cost-effective solutions to removal of radon at the point of use to homes making it safe for all applications.

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For removal of organic pollutants, including
chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides
and biological agents. For the full list of
contaminants removed, see table on the next

  • Installed as stand alone or post-softener.
  • Alleviates skin irritation e.g. eczema and
  • Rubber bases and rubber ‘bumper bands’
    and addition filament winding to cope with
    the inevitable minor knocks.

FilterPro™ ‘point of entry’ deep bed filters are effective for the treatment of VOCs (Volatile
Organic Chemicals), chemical compounds, pesticides herbicides and in particular THM
(trihalomethanes) that are ever present in mains water supplies and recently proven to be
carcinogenic. Our systems can also be used to remove odours in the home or work-place. In
conjunction with our ozone product range we can provide and effective solution to sterilise
air and surfaces in a matter of minutes.

Generally, adsorption takes place because all molecules exert forces to adhere to each
other. Activated carbon adsorbs organic material because the attractive forces between
the carbon surface (non-polar) and the contaminant (non-polar) are stronger than the
forces keeping the contaminant dissolved in water (polar).

The typical surface area for Activated Carbon is approximately 1,000 square meters per
gram (m2/gm). The adsorption capacity is approx 0.1Kg organics per Kg GAC at a flow rate
of 8litres per minute per 0.03 cubic meters (m3) in a bed depth of approx.1m.

PureH2O FilterPro™ carbon is produced in the UK and certified to British Standards.

FilterPro MODEL FilterPro-15 FilterPro-22 FilterPro-28 FilterPro-COMMERCIAL
Flow rate1cmh @ 4BarG.2-3cmh @ 4BarG.3-4cmh @ 4barG.Subject to URS.
Chamber sizeHeight 370mmHeight 890mmHeight 890mmSubject to URS.
Valve typeSubject to URS.
Inlet/outlet port size1/2” (m)BSP1” (m)BSP1” (m)BSPSubject to URS.
Vacuum BreakerSubject to URS.
Max. working pressure4BarG4BarG4BarG4BarG
Ambient water temperature16-22˚C16-22˚C16-22˚C16-22˚C
Optional service reminderYesYesYesYes
BMS contactNoNoChlorine sensorChlorine sensor

Site preparation details

Filter-Pro are installed directly onto the mains cold water supply. All that is required is a small footprint to stand the pressure vessel and confirmation of the pipe dimensions. Our range are designed for 15/22/28mm and can also be applied to larger dimensions. In the case of storage tanks the installation must be down stream, post tank.

Access to a drainage point is required to flush the first few gallons to remove carbon fines.


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