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Spritzers with sustainable sparkling water

Spritzers with Sustainable Sparkling Water: tips and tricks

At this point in the infamous British summer drinking anything as summery as spritzers is more a blithe act of defiance against the weather rather than a sign we’re enjoying long, warm days.

Spritzers originated in 19th century Austria, where they were devised as a refreshing tall drink. They’re a great way to enjoy wine but consume less alcohol, which is one good reason to love them. Lower alcohol content makes spritzers ideal for lunch parties or for anyone watching their calorie intake. Spritzers are usually made with 3 parts sparkling water to 1 part wine, which makes them much more refreshing than straight chilled wine. Another good reason to love them!

However, there is one problem with spritzers: is your choice of sparkling water sustainable?

Sustainable sparkling water comes from a tap, not a bottle.

You can forget about bottled sparkling water. Yet more plastic? No thanks! And who wants to lug heavy glass bottles home from the supermarket? Not us and probably not you. Neither do we want to clutter up our fridge with bottled water (let’s save that space for wine), nor our countertops with ugly soda machines.

That’s where a sparkling water tap like Quatreau comes into play. Quatreau is the convenient and stylish way to enjoy unlimited sparkling water at home, the office or your hospitality business. Moreover, it’s the sustainable, eco-friendly solution to sparkling water – no plastic or glass bottles! Perfect if you’re trying to live more sustainably and reduce waste. Did you know that 7 in 10 of the UK’s overall plastic waste items are packaging, and amongst those are 10 billion single-use drinks bottles (Boyle, 2020)?

Quatreau SmartTap drinks tap
Quatreau SmartTap drinks station with 3 water options, including sparkling.

Do I need a sparkling tap, a multifunction kitchen tap or a smart tap?

It depends whether you’re looking for an all-in-one solution or a tap dedicated to making drinks.

Quatreau Touch is the all-one-one kitchen tap. It dispenses sparkling, chilled and boiling filtered (or pure) water, and mains hot and cold. It replaces the kettle, the water filter and bottled sparkling water, and it provides hot and cold water for hand washing and doing the dishes.

Quatreau SmartTap works as an additional tap with a choice of 2 or 3 filtered (or pure) water options. Choose from sparkling, chilled, boiling and ambient, whatever suits you best. You can install Quatreau SmartTap over your existing kitchen sink next to your usual tap. Alternatively, install it as a dedicated drinks station over an additional sink in a kitchen island. What’s very clever is that you can also install Quatreau SmartTap directly into a countertop, thanks to the recessed drip-tray option.

PurityPRO water purifier.
Quatreau Touch installed with a PurityPRO water purifier.

Make superior spritzers with pure water.

It’s easy to make a great spritzer when you keep things simple: focus on flavour and aroma. Maximising these means minimising impurities. That’s another advantage to Quatreau – it dispenses filtered sparkling water as standard. For even better taste, install Quatreau with a PurityPRO reverse osmosis water purifier.

Pure water is purified of all the human-made contaminants and naturally occurring impurities found in tap water. This drastically improves the taste, aroma and appearance of water and water-based drinks, Moreover, it protects your wellbeing, as many of those contaminants and impurities are associated with negative impacts on human health. These include nitrates, pesticidescopperTHMs, PFAS and microplastics, to name but a few.

PurityPRO is a superior water purifier that fits into a standard kitchen cabinet. It uses advanced reverse osmosis technology to deliver exceptional quality drinking water. This means you can enjoy pure sparkling, chilled and boiling drinking water. And it means you never need buy bottled water again. But PureH2O pure water isn’t just the eco-friendly answer to sparkling water, it’s actually even purer than bottled water.

The PurityPRO upgrade is entirely optional. If you opt for a standard Quatreau tap, you still get filtered sparkling, chilled and boiling water (Quatreau Touch & Quatreau SmartTap), plus mains hot and cold water, too (Quatreau Touch only). Now you know how to get unlimited pure, sustainable sparkling water, let’s get back to spritzers.

Beyond basic: muddled spritzers

The essence of spritzers is that they are simple and easy to prepare. But if you love to experiment, who are we to stop you? Try adding muddled (lightly crushed) raspberries or strawberries to a white wine spritzer. And a twist of grapefruit peel with a squeeze of grapefruit juice enlivens a rosé spritzer beautifully.

Choose your red wines carefully

Red wine spritzers

That’s right, spritzers aren’t only for white or rosé wines. Whereas you can use pretty much any white or rosé wine – chilled very cold – you should approach reds more carefully.

Medium to full bodied wines such as Shiraz (Syrah) and Merlot make good spritzers, as long as you don’t chill them. That’s because tannins and oak are over-emphasised by chilling. Luckily, Quatreau taps dispense sparkling water that’s chilled to the perfect temperature, which brings refreshment to your red wine spritzer without affecting the wine’s flavours.

On the other hand, lighter reds with a focus on fruit flavours are excellent when lightly chilled. This means they lend themselves perfectly to refreshing long spritzer drinks. Try a Valpolicella, Beaujolais or a light Pinot Noir that’s been chilled in the fridge, an ice bucket or a chiller sleeve for up to half an hour (but no longer).

Use cordial to make zero alcohol spritzers

Zero alcohol spritzers

You can substitute a good quality cordial for the wine. How about rhubarb, rosehip or cranberry for a pink spritzer? Add a sprig of rosemary for an aromatic note. (Keep reading for a link to the best cordials.) Our favourite for a white spritzer is elderflower, especially garnished with a little lemon balm or mint.

Lime cordial with a twist of lime zest makes a delicious spritzer if you prefer your long drinks on the dry side. Whatever cordial or juice you choose, it’ll make a delicious zero alcohol spritzer when made with sustainable sparkling water from Quatreau Touch or Quatreau SmartTap.

How to buy your Quatreau sparkling water tap

Click here for full details on Quatreau and all your options for the home. If you’re a business customer, view our dedicated B2B Quatreau page here as we have ultra-high volume versions designed for hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes.

To talk through your options or place an order, call our customer service team on 01483 617000 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Alternatively you can fill out our contact form.

Whatever the weather throws at us this summer, we hope you find time to enjoy a few spritzers made with sustainable sparkling water!


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