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The HydreauBar-2™ stand-alone smart bottling station for offices, restaurants and hotels removes the need for bottled water, lowers your carbon footprint by 95% and maximises convenience whilst reducing financial costs. It’s designed and manufactured in the UK for superior build quality and durability and rated by Best Foot Forward for the Houses of Parliament.

HydreauBar-2™ simultaneously sterilises and fills reusable glass bottles with chilled and sparkling *filtered water at a rate of up to 360 bottles per hour. Single bottle manual fill or twin bottle auto fill configurations with individual bottle recognition for bottles 750ml – 1 litre ensures compliance with weights and measures legislation.

*Upgrade to pure water by specifying HydreauBar-2™ with our PurityPRO™ reverse osmosis water purifier. It’s purer than all bottled water brands, guaranteed.

We also offer the HydreauBar-1™ integrated countertop smart bottling station, which sterilises and fills up to 100 bottles per hour.

Features & Benefits

HydreauBar™ sterilises and fills up to 360 bottles (750ml – 1 litre) per hour with individual bottle recognition.

HydreauBar™ delivers chilled and sparkling filtered water as standard. For exceptional quality and taste we recommend an upgrade to pure water with a PurityPRO™ purifier.

Easily fits into standard kitchen layouts and eliminates the dishwasher to save space, time and labour.

HydreauBar™ takes care of sterilisation and filing in one seamless process. Ensures safety by eliminating microbial organisms on the inner surface of bottles, something not achieved by washing alone.

100% reusable bottles, 95% lower carbon footprint compared to bottled water, zero transport costs, zero bottle waste and disposal costs, zero water waste and reduced energy use, plus no need for a dishwasher.

HydreauBar™ lowers costs and increases profit margins compared to deliveries of bottled water.

We supply 100 PureH2O™ glass bottles free of charge. We can also supply a selection of own brand bottles.

Fits into standard kitchen layouts and eliminates the dishwasher to save time, space and labour.

Most commercial premises will usually have everything our engineers need to install HydreauBar™; a 15 mm isolated mains cold water supply, 2 x double 13 amp powerpoints and a trapped drain with upstand

PureH2O Ltd will extend the parts and labour on your system for up to 10 years subject to a Service Agreement and Annual Service.

Why our customers love PureH2O

We are proud to help our customers protect their health, reduce their environmental impact and enjoy the taste and convenience of unlimited pure water on tap in their home.


PureH2O Ltd manufactures, installs and maintains the world’s most innovative water purification systems and the most technologically advanced boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps. Since 1991 we have been committed to providing our domestic and commercial customers with the purest, safest, most sustainable choice of drinking water, which helps them reduce their environmental impact by avoiding single-use plastic bottled water.

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