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PureH2O water filters remove viruses such as coronavirus from drinking water

Coronavirus discovered in water samples taken at UK water treatment plants

Recent research reveals the presence of coronavirus in water samples taken at UK water treatment facilities (BBC). Amid the ups and downs of the government’s Covid-19 testing scheme, coronavirus can be identified well enough at UK treatment plants that researchers hope to use “sewage epidemiology” as part of a Covid-19 alert system (1).

It’s clear that humans shed coronavirus in their faeces; in March the BBC reported that “more than 50% people with Covid-19 have the virus in the faeces, where it’s lingering long after it’s been cleared from the lungs” (2).

In April, the Parisian non-potable water network was temporarily shut down as a precautionary measure after “the Paris water authority’s laboratory found miniscule amounts of the virus in four of 27 samples collected from across the capital” (3). Spanish researchers believe they may have found coronavirus from a waste water sample taken as long ago as March 2019 (4).

We must remember that our drinking water is – in part – recycled waste water. This includes water flushed down toilets, discharged from washing machines and dishwashers, and drained from showers, baths and sinks. The proportion of our drinking water that’s recycled waste water will only increase in the future, as water becomes an increasingly stressed natural resource due to climate change and population expansion.

So it’s a good time to know that there are ways to guarantee that coronavirus is not present in your drinking or bathing water.

water filtration ponds
Waste water treatment plant

PureH2O water filters remove pathogens including coronavirus from drinking water

PureH2O offers several water filter systems that are effective against disease-causing pathogens in drinking water. This includes viruses such as coronavirus, as well as bacteria and micro-organisms.

Whether you want to treat the drinking water that comes out of your kitchen tap, or all the mains water in your home, PureH2O has a safe, effective and cost-efficient solution.

Option 1: a pure water reverse osmosis system

The PureH2O PurityPRO-10 reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier provides complete peace of mind. The PurityPRO-10 filter membrane has a pore size of 0.1 nanomicrons / 0.0001 microns, which enables it to filter out SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that causes Covid-19). That coronavirus is larger in size than the filter at approximately 100 – 120 nanomicrons or 0.1 microns.

Not only will the PurityPRO-10 remove 100% of all disease-causing pathogens, it also removes 99.99% of organics, 96% of lead, 70-98% of heavy metals and 70% of the nitrates found in UK tap water. It filters drinking water of the contaminants and impurities we know people are concerned about. This includes plastics and traces of drugs, prescription medications and hormones. It also removes agricultural run-off such as fertilisers and pesticides. Did you know that levels of the slug poison metaldehyde in tap water have at times exceeded legally permitted levels?.

reverse osmosis water purifier
PurityPRO-10 water purifier installed with Quatreau Touch tap.

This technologically advanced RO water purifier fits into a standard kitchen cabinet, usually  the one under your kitchen sink. It benefits from a fully automated self-cleaning system for your convenience and peace of mind.

Opt to have your pure water dispensed from our standard faucet (included in the price), or you can upgrade to one of our Quatreau taps. Quatreau is perfect if you’d like the option of boiling, chilled and / or sparkling purified water directly from your kitchen tap.

Water quality, safety, purity and taste are guaranteed with the PurityPRO-10 reverse osmosis water purifier. And we maintain these exceptionally high standards through an annual service, where we replace (and recycle) filter modules.

Prices for the PurityPRO-10 start at £1,495. Please call us on 01483 617000 to order or to talk through your options.

Option 2: UV treatment of mains water

If you want to treat all the water in your house, consider the PureH2O UVPro system. Mains water supplies are subject to fluctuating levels of pathogens, but UVPro provides complete protection as it treats water at point of entry.

The UVPro uses ultraviolet light to sterilise pathogens, including viruses and microbes, rendering them harmless. Prices for this system start at £499 and we’d be happy to help you decide if this is the right option for you; our contact details are at the bottom of this post.

Option 3: a cost-effective water filter system for your home

For a very cost-effective solution, choose the PureH2O UF system. The membrane in this low pressure ultra-filtration system has a pore size of 0.08 microns, so it filters out viruses very efficiently.

It’s a low-cost, easy to install UF water filter with prices starting at £249. If this sounds like the right way forward for your household or commercial operation do contact us and we’ll be happy to advise on installation.

No acceptable contaminants or impurities in drinking water

We believe there are no acceptable levels of contaminants, impurities or disease-causing pathogens in your drinking water. We would be happy to advise which of our systems would best meet your needs. We’re also happy to answer any and all queries you might have about water quality, filters, installation and servicing.

Call the PureH2O team on 01483 617000 or email


Prices correct at time of publication.

Image credits:

Coronavirus, CDC on Unsplash. Water filtration ponds, Ivan Bandura on Unsplash.


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