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Slug pesticide metaldehyde in tap water

Pesticide Metaldehyde in Tap Water Breaches UK and EU Standards

Discover the surprising link between wet weather, snails and your tap water quality.

As most of the UK sees wet weather in October, the slug and snail population is set to increase. This is bad news for farmers, who turn to the pesticide metaldehyde to control slug numbers and reduce crop damage.

Unfortunately rain increases pesticide run-off from land into drains and watercourses. During recent years, we’ve seen increasing levels of metaldehyde in rivers and reservoirs. These are sources which supply our drinking water.

What’s the problem with pesticides like metaldehyde?

The problem is that water treatment plants aren’t capable of completely removing metaldehyde. That means it makes its way into tap water in your home. And what’s even worse is in some places concentrations breach UK and European standards!

Variations in weather patterns are set to continue, due to with climate change. We’re likely to see more milder, wetter weather. Which means levels of metaldehyde in drinking water are likely to continue to rise.

Enjoy drinking water free from the pesticide metaldehyde
Protect your family’s health with a PureH2O drinking water purifier

How to protect your family from pesticides in tap water

We believe that one of the best ways to look after your health and wellbeing is to drink pure water. We all know that bottled water is environmentally devastating (food miles, plastic pollution, resource degradation). And bottled water is even more contaminated with things like microplastics than tap water is!

The best way to ensure the purity of your drinking water is to install a PureH2O water purifier. These purify ordinary tap water of the myriad of contaminants and impurities it contains.

PureH2O purifiers remove 99.99% of the myriad of chemical impurities found in UK tap water, including the pesticide metaldehyde, along with other petrochemicals, carcinogens, asbestos, hormones and medications.

Our purifiers typically install under your kitchen sink, connect to your drinking water supply and through a small separate tap, provide pure, clean water right at the heart of your home.

PureH2O RODI+ purifier removes pesticides like metaldehyde from your tap water
PureH2O RODI+ purifier removes pesticides from your tap water, plus 98-99.99% of other contaminants and impurities.

Enjoy reverse osmosis pure drinking water at home and in your workplace with PureH2O

Our team is passionate about water purity! So we’d be glad to answer any questions you may have about how a purifier might work for you. Call us now on 01483 617 000, email or fill out our contact form.


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