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Earth Day 2023: invest in our planet

Earth Day 2023: invest in our planet by avoiding plastics

Protect the planet and improve your quality of life this Earth Day.

It’s the world’s largest environmental movement and there are lots of ways you can take part in Earth Day. This year’s theme is “invest in our planet”. Whether you want to reduce your plastic use, lower your carbon footprint, plant trees or conserve bees, there are positive actions you can take today. Aside from signing petitions, by far the easiest action of all is to reduce your plastics use. That’s what we explore in this blog post. At the end there are links to petitions you can sign and other ways to get involved in Earth Day. We also explain what it means to be a zero service waste business.

Reduce plastics at home or work with a water purifier

Helping you reduce your plastics use is a driving force behind what we do at PureH2O. We’re also passionate about helping you improve your wellbeing through the quality of water you drink. (Add to that technological excellence and supporting British manufacturing wherever possible, you’ve got a good picture of who we are!) Our reverse osmosis home water purifiers are both the sustainable way to enjoy quality water (no plastic bottles!) and the healthy way to hydrate, with up to 99.99% of all contaminants and impurities removed. In fact, it’s purer than all bottled waters.

PureH2O reverse osmosis pure water is sustainable and purer than all bottled water brands
Compare the quality of PureH2O pure water to bottled waters, water filters and tap water.

The myth of bottled water (and why recycling plastic isn’t that great)

You want to drink water that tastes lovely because that way it’s easier to stay hydrated, isn’t it? It’s understandable that you don’t like the taste of tap water. You’ve probably tried a jug water filter which reduces that chlorine smell and taste – for a little while. Maybe you think bottled water is the answer. It tastes better, it’s more ‘natural’, so it must actually be better, right?

Wrong. Bottled water contains even more microplastics than tap water. We know that microplastics lodge in our bodies, and scientists now believe various diseases are linked to the microplastics burden in our bodies.

Make the Earth Day pledge to avoid plastic
Make the Earth Day pledge to avoid plastic

The first step in reducing the impact of plastics on the health of our planet, and all that lives on it, is to avoid plastics in the first place. Replace comes first, then reduce, re-use, (repair, where relevant) and only then, recycle. Reduce demand for plastics by replacing them with an eco-friendly alternative. Think that’s glass bottled water? Think again.

Why manufacture glass bottles? Why ship them around the country or around the world, racking up food miles (more on that below)? Both cause emissions and increase carbon footprint. And why deplete natural resources by extracting water from global communities? Be part of the solution, not the problem, with PureH2O. Our purifiers connect to your normal tap water supply – usually under your kitchen sink. There’s absolutely no need for bottled water. And don’t forget how much purer reverse osmosis pure water is than bottled waters!

Until you have tried pure water purified by PureH2O you don’t realise how bad other water tastes! I am a convert – no other water tastes this clean – even bottled water doesn’t come close. – Deirdre Gough, Health Touch, London.

Earth Day: cut your carbon footprint by choosing a British water purifier

Choose British to cut your carbon footprint.

Talking of food miles, aka your carbon footprint, it’s best to choose a British water purifier. Our PurityPRO is responsible for a tiny 2.5 ‘food’ miles as it’s manufactured so close to our HQ! Our RODI+ is responsible for just 250 food miles. But other commonly available purifiers sold in the UK are manufactured abroad. American RODI systems rack up 4,425 miles and Chinese RO systems a whopping 9,120 miles!

And it’s not just food miles…

Cut your energy and water use (and cut costs)

There are further sustainability reasons it’s better to choose a British-made PureH2O water purifier:

  1. Leak detection: PureH2O purifiers benefit from leak detection and auto shut-down as standard (unlike others on the market) which saves water and avoids potential water damage to your kitchen.
  2. Power pump in use: PurityPRO is the most energy-efficient choice, as its power pump is in use for just 3 minutes per hour. That’s significant when you consider it produces 15 litres of drinking water during that hour. That compares to 5 litres for USA RODI systems and a measly 2 litres for Chinese RO systems.
  3. Waste water: Chinese RO systems produce a massive 50 litres of waste water per 5 litres purified, USA RODI systems 29 litres of wasted water. But PureH2O purifiers produce only 5.
Enjoy sustainable sparkling water with Quatreau taps
Avoid plastics and still enjoy sustainable sparkling water with Quatreau taps.

Sustainable sparkling water

Maybe you just love drinking sparkling water? You don’t need to give it up to protect the planet! Quatreau taps are the eco-friendly way to enjoy sparkling water. If you’re not sure you need pure water that’s fine, as Quatreau taps dispense filtered water as standard. You only need upgrade to pure water if you want to. Both the 5-in-1 Quatreau Touch complete kitchen tap, and the compact Quatreau SmartTap drinks tap come in 200+ solid colours, plus polished or brushed stainless steel or brass.

And did you know that it’s more energy-efficient to select the ‘boiling’ function on Quatreau than it is to boil a kettle? That means reduced water and electricity use, and a couple of extra steps towards lower bills and keeping your Earth Day pledges.

PureH2O is proud to be a zero service waste business every day, not just Earth Day.

We’re a zero service waste business and recycle filters

Back in 2019 we were incredibly proud to become a zero waste service business. That means we removed single-use plastics and began manufacturing and recycling all serviceable elements at our HQ in Surrey. We recycle the filter modules we switch out at your annual service (to keep your purifier in tip top condition and your water pure). We also regenerate 100% of the resin used in our reverse osmosis with de-ionisation modules. Clever!

Ways to take part in Earth Day and how to make an easy, sustainable kitchen switch.

One of the best things you can do at home is avoid plastics. So, make the switch from bottled water to a water purifier. To recap: PureH2O water purifiers are the sustainable way to hydrate with excellent quality drinking water, without plastic bottles. To find out more, call us on 01483 617000, fill out our contact form or view details about our water purifiers for home here (or see our water purification systems for offices and hospitality businesses here).

And why not lend your support to Earth Day’s call to action and sign the global plastics treaty petition here.

You could also take part in a community clean up, plant trees, help bees or choose sustainable fashion. Whatever energises you, there are lots of ideas, toolkits and support on Earth Day’s website.

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