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Water Softeners

Water Softeners from the Pure H2O Company

We are The Pure H2O Company, and we understand more than anyone, the benefits of using soft water within your home. However, not all of us are lucky enough to live in an area that allows you to naturally use soft water, which is why you should invest in a water softener with The Pure H2O Company today.

Hard water costs you a lot of money over time, and significantly increases your cleaning time. It can cause serious damage to your boiler and other appliances within your household just through the buildup of limescale. Many households in hard water areas are often faced with the expense of repairing or buying new appliances, due to the frequent breakdowns that occur due to hard water. These expenses build up over time, and you when you work out how much money has been thrown away because of something as simple as water, it can be quite shocking.

At The Pure H2O Company, we recommend you invest into one of our bestselling water softeners. The softeners we offer remove the damage that hard water causes, and brings you lots of benefits at the same time. You may not realise how much hard water is negatively affecting your life until one of our water softeners into your home. You would cut down hugely on your cleaning time, saving you money on your water bills at the end of the month while having your skin feel smoother and softer, your hair feeling glossier when you step out the shower and your heating costs will not rise at the end of the year because of scale building up.

We understand that as a property owner, looking after your home should be your priority. When using hard water you are throwing money away and are not even able to unwind as hard water is drying out your skin and ruining your baths. Using a softener removes impurities from the water, hydrates your skin and improves your bathing water quality. Soft water is even proven to help with conditions such as eczema and psoriasis – you can’t go wrong.

Water softeners use a process called ‘ion exchange’ to remove the calcium and magnesium minerals from your water as it enters your home. These are the minerals that cause limescale and removing them makes the water ‘soft’. So If you want to eliminate limescale and improve the health and wellbeing of your household, then you should buy a water softener from us today.

We offer three different ways to soften your water here at The Pure H2O Company. No matter what budget you may have in mind or what your needs are, I’m sure you can find the perfect solution to your hard water problems on our website. Our engineers here at Pure H2O are incredibly skilled and experienced, and can offer you all the support you may need when working with us.

If you are interested in either renting or purchasing a water softener or conditioner from The Pure H2O Company, then please feel free to contact us to chat to someone from our sales team. Either give us a call straight away on 01483 617000 or arrange a call back with someone from our team by filling in the contact page on our website.


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