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When Roger Wiltshire, Managing Director and Founder of PureH2O, first introduced the concept of purified water and refill points back in 1991, he was laughed at by many facility managers. Today, more and more hotels and offices are adopting his innovative and clever designs. PureH2O are the only British manufacturer of water purification and bottling systems and they boast the lowest carbon footprint in the industry by several thousand miles and we share all the details.


The first water refill stations were installed in leading health food shops and delicatessens in London and the Home Counties in 1991 and became the most profitable product in the shop for many sites. PureH2O branched out into home and office delivery with refillable bottles and renting out the chillers.

One of Roger’s notable designs is the HydreauBar™, designed in 2019 was the first and only bottle refill station to sterilisation the internal surfaces of glass bottles being refilled. Until this point, companies have been refilling bottles without paying attention to the fact that there is no valid method for sterilisation between use. Dishwashers do not penetrate or kill the biofilm that grows on internal bottle surfaces when in constant recirculation.

Each bottle served to a table can be handled by as many as six people, each may have used bathroom facilities during their dinner. Hands, whether washed or not, have tens of thousands of bacteria living on them, possibly coliform and pathogens and this is all transferred onto the bottle every time water is poured. Yuck! Bottles are then taken back to the kitchen where staff will refill them without washing thoroughly, and before you know it, a bottle becomes a delivery method for disease.

It always surprises me to see people paying for good food and wine only to settle for substandard poor tasting water, usually tap water which, as we know, is full of impurities including metaldehyde, nitrates and other chemical compounds. Why anyone would taint great food with tap water is beyond my comprehension when the sensible solution would be to purify it.

At PureH2O we’ve been manufacturing the world’s finest purifiers for decades and we can guarantee that the quality of PureH2O is purer than any bottled water brand in the world. Furthermore, PureH2O is bottled fresh on-site free from bacteria. Legislation in the UK permits bottled water brands to be sold with a count of 10,000 cfu (colony forming units), whereas the legal limit in tap water is only 100cfu. Contradictory? We think so.

PureH2O manufacture a range of purification systems to meet all demand and many kitchens have their purified water throughout their appliances. Raymond Blanc, one of the earlier adopters at Le Manoir Quat Saison, couldn’t believe the appearance the water made to a cup of his favourite tea when Roger first introduced him to it. As a result, he had PureH2O plumbed to the tea and coffee machines, icemakers and steam ovens, even food prep. Investec Bank were so impressed they have the water plumbed throughout their offices in Gresham Street and they save over 35000 bottles every year since they started some 15 years ago.

HydreauBar is a unique invention using clever filtration to sterilise reusable bottles in a continuous cycle that wastes no water, making it exceptionally environmentally-friendly. A bottle of mineral water normally uses three times its own volume in the production process alone before food miles! Roger’s invention is so clever that it’s now being put forward as the answer to remote field surgeries where water is scarce. In just 20 seconds, the ozonated solution will sterilise a bottle (certified by German laboratories) and will have the same effect on hands whilst being kinder to the skin than alcohol gels, and yet the water can then be reprocessed without risk of contamination.


HydreauBar™ Bottling Stations sterilises to log seven in a 20-second rinse (the only system on the market to offer this). Bottles can then be automatically filled with chilled still or sparkling water. The product range offers a one or two bottle fill station and can be expanded to meet guest requirements.Coupled with PureH2O’s RO systems, hotels and offices can offer the purest bottled water on the planet over and over without a bottle leaving the premises.

We also make the only all-stainless-steel purifier on the market, which is truly unique with 90% less polymers than all other systems.

The PurityPRO RO system is the most water-efficient and power-efficient system on the market using 75% less water and over 90% less power than RO systems.

Unlike all other RO systems using plastic-coated storage tanks, PurityPRO™ is designed with an integral stainless steel storage tank, by far the best material for storage of water as it has no leachates. This preserves the wonderful taste of pureH2O. An additional benefit is the tank has no backpressure on the membrane so as it fills, the differential pressure stays at its highest, whereas a normal RO system increases back pressure as the tank fills up rendering membranes less efficient in rejecting ionic impurities.

The taste of PureH2O not only makes tea infinitely better in appearance but taste is vastly improved, and with no limescale or oily residue, the cup is clean once finished.

PureH2O systems make sufficient water to replace all tap water in food preparation and cooking, so you’ll have complete peace of mind over the quality of everything you provide for guests.

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PureH2O Ltd manufactures, installs and maintains the world’s most innovative water purification systems and the most technologically advanced boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps. Since 1991 we have been committed to providing our domestic and commercial customers with the purest, safest, most sustainable choice of drinking water, which helps them reduce their environmental impact by avoiding single-use plastic bottled water.

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