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Water quality testing in UK rivers

UK rivers suffer costly effects of industrial, agricultural and domestic waste.

£78m to make just 2 rivers safe for wild swimming, as water companies discharge raw sewage into rivers more frequently.

[Updated 30.06.22 with a new water pollution fact sheet available for download – scroll to the end.]

In this blog post, PureH2O Ltd M.D. Roger Wiltshire tells us more about the damaging effects of industrial, agricultural and domestic waste on UK rivers, aquatic life and water quality:

British rivers polluted by industrial, agricultural and domestic waste.

Our Rivers, the lifeblood of the Country, have been used abused by Industrial & Agricultural discharge and even the Water Industry itself for decades. Deliberate (with or without discharge consents)  or accidental release of sewage into our natural water courses on a daily basis is a long established practice that leads to the wholly unnecessary pollution of our rivers and widespread damage to the aquatic life and also to the water quality itself that is, whether you like to acknowledge it or not, the life blood of the Country.

Effects of sewage on water quality.

Micro-organisms use oxygen from the water course to decompose untreated sewage leading to reduced oxygen levels in the water leading to the death of natural aquatic life. According to the WWF ‘flushed away’ report 40% of rivers in the UK are polluted by sewage.  90% of sewer outflows discharge raw sewage into rivers. And before we lay the blame squarely on the Utilities, the problem is exacerbated by the population flushing away wet wipes, kitchen fats and sanitary products that block sewers.

Invest in water industry infrastructure.

Such failings are the result of lack of investment in adequate infrastructure in favour of profit. This blatant disregard for our environment is unacceptable especially in one of the most developed Countries in the World with engineering capabilities to eliminate discharge completely.

Splash out so rivers are safe for a dip

Further reading:

‘£78m to make Teme and Leam rivers safe for wild swimmers’ Ben Webster, The Times 18.05.21 accessed 18.05.21

Download our new water pollution fact sheet:


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