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Pure H2O RODI Purifiers Remove Potentially Harmful Endocrine Disruptors from Tap Water

The Pure H2O Company’s Reverse Osmosis with De-Ionisation sub-sink home purifiers remove potentially harmful endocrine disruptors from tap water.

The European court of justice recently ruled that the European Commission has not been quick enough in identifying and banning the use of potentially harmful endocrine-disruptors found in water, food, and hundreds of everyday products including cosmetics, household cleaning products and plastic food and water containers.

These chemicals can be harmful to humans, animals and the environment; the World Health Organisation says* they are suspected to be associated with altered reproductive function in women and men, increased incidence of breast cancer, abnormal growth patterns and neurodevelopmental delay in children and changes in immune function.

So what can you do to minimise your exposure to these harmful chemicals?

1. Get a RODI purifier for your home. Water is the foundation of your wellbeing so of course you want it to be as pure and free from harmful substances as possible. Unfortunately, tap water is far from being pure, containing small levels of impurities including micro-organisms, drug residues and of course a myriad of agriculturel and industrial discharge, such as metaldehyde, levels of which recently breached UK and EU standards in some areas of the UK.

Our technologically advanced RODI purifiers remove endocrine disruptors from tap water, as well as 99.99% of other potentially dangerous contaminants and impurities including pesticides, hormones, drug residues, chemicals and bacteria. It’s the purest, safest water you can drink – and it tastes delicious. It’s never been easier to benefit from RODI Pure H2O with our convenient monthly rental option.

2. Ditch bottled water and switch to Pure H2O. Bottled water is no alternative to tap water; it also contains impurities, such as nitrates and micro-organisms. And of course plastic bottles are a major factor in pollution. Additionally, polymers are thought to be a source of endocrine disruptors.*

Switching to Pure H2O is not only healthy for you –the health benefits of pure, chemical free water are unquestionable, so what a great, positive move it is to opt for the purest water possible – it’s also healthy for the environment, giving a 95% reduction in carbon footprint.

Switch to non-plastic reusable food storage containers such as those made from glass or stainless steel. If you plan to gradually phase-out your plastic containers, remember to always wash them by hand, not in the dishwasher, never put hot food into a plastic container, or heat up food in a plastic container in the microwave (“heat raises the risk of chemicals… leaching into the food”*).

3. Check labels of your foods, cosmetics and cleaning products and opt for more natural alternatives.

Find out more about our RODI purifiers and why Pure H2O is the natural choice for optimum health at Call us on 01483 617 000 we’d be happy to help you select the right purifier for your household.


* World Health Organisation

* National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

* Dr Steve Ball, head of Endocrinology Newcastle & Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Daily Mail 10.11.14



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