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Organic September: PureH2O is the equivalent of organic food.

Organic September: celebrating good food and pure water.

Updated 03.09.21 for Organic September 2021, the Soil Association reports that: “in the face of climate change, diet related ill-health and widespread decline in wildlife, the need to change our food systems has never been greater”.

In this blog post we celebrate at The Soil Association’s mission to spread the word about the many benefits of organic farming and food, with a call to ‘Organic Your September’.

For anyone looking to protect their health and promote environmental sustainability, wildlife biodiversity and animal welfare, organic food is the obvious choice. That’s because meat and dairy is free range and free from routine use of antibiotics. Crops are grown with fewer pesticides and are never genetically modified. And, as Hugh Fernley Whittingstall points out: “it just tastes better”(2).

Pure water is the equivalent of organic food.

Do you eat organic? Then it makes sense to drink pure water. 

Tap water is full of the very chemicals, hormones and pesticides you seek to avoid with organic food. And unfortunately bottled water is hugely degrading to the environment. Not to mention that bottled water is even more contaminated with microplastics than tap water.

We believe there are no acceptable levels of contaminants and impurities in the water you drink. So, what can you do? If you choose organic food, the next logical step is drinking pure water.

Comparison of Tap, Filtered, Bottled and PureH2O Pure Water
PureH2O water is purer than all bottled waters.

What is pure water? How is it the equivalent of organic food?

Pure water is tap water than has been purified by a reverse osmosis process. PureH2O PurityPRO water purifiers fit under your kitchen sink and produce good-tasting, healthy drinking water.

PureH2O is free from pesticides, hormones and medications. Did you know that tap water contains all of these? Our purifiers remove them, so your health is never compromised by the water you drink. This compliments your efforts to nourish your body with organic food, free from unnecessary toxins.

PureH2O is kinder to the environment. Plastic bottled water has been described as ‘one of the biggest marketing tricks of the century’(3). Sold as better tasting or purer than tap water, it is in fact no better and is hugely detrimental to the environment.

PureH2O is the complete replacement to plastic bottled water. It reduces your carbon footprint, prevents plastic pollution and helps you do your bit for environmental sustainability. What’s more, it is genuinely pure, and many people prefer the taste of PureH2O when compared to tap water.

PureH2O is water as nature intended; just as organic food is food as nature intended. PureH2O pure water is free from all the man-made impurities and contaminants which are found in tap water, including plastic fibres, petrochemical derivatives, and run-off from pesticide-heavy, non-organic farming practices.

PureH2O is trustworthy. Many people trust that organic farmers care about the environment, wildlife biodiversity, animal welfare and food quality. Sadly, UK tap water authorities cannot be trusted to produce safe, clean water. Just think of the various ‘no drink’ or ‘boil’ orders issued in the UK each year. Not to mention the ‘acceptable’ levels of contaminants and impurities allowed in tap water.

And we know that the activities of bottled water companies degrade natural resources. By contrast, people trust PureH2O home water purifiers to consistently produce safe, clean water. They also trust us to do what we can to minimise our environmental impact and maximise the energy efficiency of our products wherever possible. Find out more about our Zero Service Waste commitment here.

Reverse osmosis water purifiers for home and business

In conclusion, if you’re going to eat organic food, PureH2O pure water supports your lifestyle. It’s easy to enjoy drinking pure water at home, in the office or in your hospitality business. We offer models for homes and business and would be happy to talk to you about your options. To find out more or to place an order, call us on on 01483 617000, email or fill out our contact form.

And if you need some tips to Organic Your September, visit The Soil Association.

PurityPRO home water purifier installed with optional Quatreau Touch tap for boiling, chilled, sparkling, mains hot and cold water.
PurityPRO undersink home water purifier installed with optional Quatreau Touch tap.

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