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Press Release: Sustainable Water Systems for the Home.

Sustainable Water Systems for the Home: Softeners, RODI Pure Water & Quatreau Tap.

Crucial to the design and planning stage of your new home or renovation project is sustainability after the build is complete. In this article we take a look at water systems serving appliances, heating systems and drinking water supply in the home and what can be done to safeguard your investment.

When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, a softener system may be a wise choice. Softeners improve the bathing and hand washing experience especially in hard water areas, affording more comfortable skin and reduction in detergent use by around 50%.

By removing scale they also protect all appliances that use water: wet heating systems, washing machines, dishwashers and so on. This means your appliances and systems are less likely to breakdown and need repair or replacement, avoiding further financial outlay and consumption of resources.

‘Home’ evokes thoughts of design, comfort and convenience. It’s a place of safety and we take the safety of our water for granted. But you may have heard recent news stories about water quality, most recently that levels of cyanobacteria – or ‘blue-green algae’ as its commonly known – are massively increasing in the UK’s lakes, leading to fears it is present in UK tap water. Perhaps surprisingly, water treatment plants do not routinely test for cyanobacteria even though it’s a neurotoxin linked to the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

So is now the time to consider safe and sustainable alternatives to tap water? Many people opt for bottled water, but this involves high levels of plastic use and waste, not to mention food miles. A sustainable alternative that can be installed in your home either during your renovation / build project or afterwards is a RODI (Reverse Osmosis with De-Ionisation) purifier.

A RODI purifier typically fits under the kitchen sink. It automatically ‘cleans’ tap water of naturally-occurring and man-made impurities including disease-causing micro-organisms, pesticides from runoff, chemicals, medications and hormones. Studies show that the RODI process produces the purest water and is also environmentally responsible, achieving a 95%+ lower carbon footprint compared to drinking bottled water.

The result is 99.99% pure water delivered through an unobtrusive small tap fitted in any kitchen sink. The Quatreau tap system, which delivers RODI pure water as boiling, chilled, sparkling and hot/cold from a single, touch-screen tap, is also available – visit

So when it comes to water and the home, don’t forget to plan for the sustainability of your water systems to reduce future costs and safeguard your water supply.

The Pure H2O Company can advise on all aspects of water systems They can be contacted by telephone on 01483 617 000 or visit


Notes to Editors
The Pure H2O Co. introduced Reverse Osmosis with De-Ionisation (RODI) water purification systems to UK homes over 35 years ago and their systems remain unsurpassed, delivering the purest, healthiest water in the convenience of one’s home. Pure H2O systems can connect to multi-function taps and many other appliances, reducing scale, improving taste and prolonging the life of appliances. Using their expertise in water purification, the Pure H2O Co. created Quatreau, perhaps the most innovative tap yet, developed to push the boundaries of tap design and function, with its many features accessed through a ground breaking touch sensitive control interface. Find out more about water purity at Please find attached a high res jpg image for press showing the Quatreau tap with Boiling function enabled.

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