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Family Friendly Week: 20 – 27 October

‘Cook Together, Share Together, Laugh Together’ is the theme of this year’s Family Friendly Week, highlighting the importance of spending quality time together in the kitchen, whether cooking, baking, making drinks or sharing food.

We believe pure water is the foundation of good health and in our experience children often dislike tap water – which tastes of chlorine, and contains a myriad of chemical impurities – and we know many parents worry about keeping their children adequately hydrated. But the fresh, clean taste of our pure water is not only tolerable, but enjoyable, for children. We’re thrilled to receive emails from parents reporting in amazement that their children now drink pure water, thanks to the RODI purifier we installed in their kitchen.

Quatreau, our multifunction kitchen tap, is a great help when making food together in a busy family kitchen thanks to the touch screen choice of instant Boiling, Chilled, Sparkling and Hot & Cold water.  We’re really proud of its design and functionality and again we hear from parents that their children love making a game of using the Chilled and Sparkling functions to make drinks with their family members and friends, adding their own choice of slices of fruit or organic fruit cordials. If a delicious pie is on the menu for Family Friendly Week, why not ask your children to use the Quatreau tap to add sparkling water to the pastry – it makes it incredibly light!

Of course safety is paramount, so the Boiling function on the Quatreau tap requires a child-safe yet simple 3-step activation process and the outer wall of the tap remains cool to the touch, so whether you’re enjoying the company of one child or a whole after-school horde, you can relax!

Why not call us to discuss restoring the kitchen to the heart of your family’s home with RODI pure water and the Quatreau tap: 01483 617 000 and visit our website to find out more.

Family Friendly Week (formerly Parents’ Week) is run by the Family and Childcare Trust, which aims to make the UK a better place for families through research, campaigning and information provision:


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