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A Message from Roger Wiltshire, company founder & pure water enthusiast.

PureH2O Ltd founder Roger Wiltshire explains why he is so passionate about the health and lifestyle benefits of pure, soft water…

“If I were to offer you three glasses of water, each from a different source and each with a list of the contaminants known to be present in the water, it would seem a natural choice to drink the purest of the three, that is the water with least contaminants, after all why would anyone knowingly drink something if they knew it contained potentially harmful chemicals.

This is very much the choice we make each time we drink water. Some people drink tap water knowing that it contains chemicals (most recently the slug poison Metaldehyde now breaches legal limits). Others will chose to drink bottled water but if you were to study the chemical analysis legally required on the side of bottled water you may be surprised to see contaminants such as nitrates that starve the red blood cell of oxygen. You may already have a water filter installed but if it’s inefficient (carbon doesn’t remove slug poison) would you still knowingly drink the water it produces?

It makes sense therefore, when making a choice of water purifier to buy a system that is guaranteed to remove all the contaminants in tap water, not just for a few weeks but for the life of the system. Carbon filters can improve taste but don’t really scratch the surface. Reverse Osmosis is a big step in removing the inorganics but has limitations and inefficiencies. The answer is RODI Reverse Osmosis coupled to Deionisation with carbon pre and post treatment, a process pioneered by PureH2O Ltd in the UK as early as 1989.

Our patented RODI system is qualified to remove all impurities in tap water (and the only system to carry EPA certification for removal of micro-organisms), producing the purest freshest, greatest tasting water on the planet. It’s also the only system to use an intelligent management processor to minimise water usage, whilst optimising the rejection rate of the reverse osmosis membrane. It’s the only process that incorporates automatic flushing to remove the scale that normally blocks a membrane extending life and maintaining the production capacity for up to ten years. As a patented system it’s the only one to incorporate a cleverly designed DeIonisation module after the Reverse Osmosis stage to ensure impurities such as nitrates, slug poison, VOCs and heavy metals are removed in their entirety.

Our tap water is regulated with set, maximum permissible levels of contaminants but even these are being breached effectively making tap water illegal. It’s our firm belief that there are no acceptable levels of impurities for drinking water. Installing our RODI system will be one of the best decisions you take, not only for your family’s health but the taste alone makes a Pure H2O system one of the most enjoyable, worthwhile products you will own.

Pure H2O RODI products produce the purest glass of water. Armed with this knowledge we believe that our glass is the natural choice for you.”


PureH2O Ltd manufactures, installs and maintains the world’s most innovative water purification systems and the most technologically advanced boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps. Since 1991 we have been committed to providing our domestic and commercial customers with the purest, safest, most sustainable choice of drinking water, which helps them reduce their environmental impact by avoiding single-use plastic bottled water.

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