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Sustainable Hallowe'en Tips from PureH2O Ltd

5 Steps to a Spookily Sustainable Hallowe’en

Forgo environmental frights and enjoy a sustainable Hallowe’en in 5 easy steps:

Sustainable Hallowe'en pumpkins
Eat brains at Hallowe’en!

1. Eat brains:

Avoid food waste this Hallowe’en by roasting the flesh of your pumpkin or using it to make soup (don’t forget to use pure water for the stock). Toast the seeds for a terrifyingly tasty snack and try adding salt and cumin seeds for an extra kick.

Another way to avoid wasting food during the spooky season is by decorating squashes, not pumpkins. Why? Because many pumpkins are grown for size, not taste. The larger they are, the less tasty they’re likely to be. But if you decorate a butternut squash, a crown prince or a spaghetti squash, you’re guaranteed good flavour when it’s time to cook them.

And, instead of carving your squash to make a lantern, you might prefer to decorate them, instead. This prevents the squash decomposing quickly and being good only for the compost heap. Use felt pens or paint to create spooky shapes – Pinterest is full of good ideas!

Tips to avoid Hallowe'en Pumpkin food waste
Avoid food waste this Hallowe’en by making pumpkin soup.

2. Decomposition’s not just for zombies (and not just for Hallowe’en).

Don’t just chuck your Jack-o’-lantern pumpkin or squash in the bin! What a waste, when it can be used to feed the soil. Toss it onto your compost pile. Bury it in the flowerbed for the worms to eat. And if you don’t have a garden, you can still give nature a helping hand. Pop it into your brown food waste bin and your local council will make good use of it. What goes around, comes around!

Compost your Hallowe'en Jack O' Lantern
Make compost.

3. Don’t get sucked into buying plastic decorations.

Get creative instead! Who needs yet more plastic tat cluttering up cupboards or going into landfill and polluting our environment? Make bat-shaped paperchains and bake biscuits in spooky shapes. How about some spider web icing? Again, Pinterest is your go-to resource here for all things homemade, handmade.

Turn to nature for inspiration: gather sticks to make wicker men or eerie dead trees. (Decorated Hallowe’en trees are becoming very popular these days!) Little gourds and squashes make decorative tableaus (that you can roast and eat later). Our local greengrocer even includes helpful cooking instructions on all their seasonal squashes.

Sustainable Hallowe'en Natural Decorations
Decorate for Hallowe’en naturally.

4. Trick or Treat without plastic.

You could reduce your plastic burden by buying sweets in bulk. Even better, take your own glass jars and fill them up with pick ‘n’ mix. You don’t need to go out and buy a plastic bucket for the kids to collect their sweets. Your local craft centre or charity shop will probably have a wicker basket or bowl that you can use time and again, not just on the 31st of October. So much nicer and more natural than plastic.

Wicker basket for Hallowe'en trick or treating.
Avoid plastic treat bags and source wicker baskets for trick or treating this Hallowe’en..

5. Spook without synthetics.

Many ready-made Hallowe’en costumes contain plastic fibres that, when washed, end up in our drinking water supply. A worn-out white bed sheet and a ghostly ‘Oooooh’ was good enough in the old days, so it’s good enough for us. You could also pool existing Hallowe’en dressing-up costumes with friends, family, neighbours or your local parents WhatsApp group for a frighteningly good time.

Sustainable Hallowe'en costume ideas
Natural fibres only at Hallowe’en!

What’s the scariest thing of all?

We hope these 5 tips help you enjoy a sustainable Hallowe’en this year. In our opinion, the scariest thing of allI is the state of tap water. It contains lots of contaminants and impurities. Many of these are known to negatively impact our health. But there’s no need to worry; a PureH2O water purifier is the simple way to protect your health.

Easy to install and easy to maintain, PureH2O reverse osmosis water purifiers remove 99.99% of organic and 98% of inorganic contaminants and impurities from tap water. Which means you can enjoy healthy, safe and delicious water, free from pesticides and microplastics, neurotoxins, cancer-causing contaminants and heavy metals.

That’s peace of mind all year round. View details here, or call us on 01483 617000, email or fill out our contact form.

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Compost – Del Barrett on Unsplash
Squashes – Susan Green
Basket – Annie Spratt on Unsplash
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