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Eve Kalinik on hydration

Eve Kalinik on Pure H2O: brighter, vibrant and improved energy levels.

We like to get to our know our clients a little better, and this month we had the pleasure of chatting to top nutritional therapist, writer and all round wellbeing guru Eve Kalinik. Eve recently had a Pure H2O purifier installed at home and is already feeling the benefits. Read on to find out more…

Q. We heard that you’re very much enjoying your Pure H2O water purifier and that in fact it’s changed your life! Could you tell us a bit more about that?

Generally I don’t think most of us are really aware that the type of water we are drinking truly affects the way we feel and on a very basic level function optimally. When you think that 60-70% of the body is entirely made up of water and most cellular processes happen in a water environment its suddenly clearly evident why the kind of water we drink has such an impact. Most of us have invested in some kind of filter or buy bottled water thinking its a better choice and one could arguably say thats true until you have tried pure filtered water. Getting people better hydrated is a huge part of my practise and to have something I can recommend like the Pure h2o system that is relatively inexpensive means that it is accessible for everyone and anyone.

Q. What sparked your interest in pure water, and how did you first hear about The Pure H2O Co.?

I started researching water for a piece I was writing for my monthly column for Psychologies magazine and realised that water filtration can go way beyond a simple system. Its much more complicated than that. This is when I came across the Pure H2o Co and believe that they have developed the very best systems on the market. Extremely well researched, convenient and most importantly delicious tasting water. More than that the team themselves were extremely knowledgable and personable.

Q. What kind of water did you drink before switching to Pure H2O?

I either bought glass bottled water where at all possible or more regularly from a stand alone EVA filter in my house (which I now know wasn’t really doing very much!). The problem with buying glass bottles is long term the environmental impact isn’t so great.

Q. Do your water and / or hot drinks taste different since having a purifier installed?

Completely! Its like the difference between drinking a good or a great wine. In fact I think this is going to be the next big thing!

Q. What were your reasons for switching to Pure H2O?

I wanted a cleaner fuel for the tank so to speak and if you are going to buy organic foods, non GMO, natural beauty products etc then really pure water needs to be top of the list.

Q. How do you feel now you drink Pure H2O?

I have to say that since using the Pure H2O filtration system I can genuinely say that I feel much brighter, vibrant and my energy levels have certainly improved.

Q. Do you think there’s a correlation between good nutrition and pure water?

Absolutely. On a fundamental level we need water to efficiently and consistently manage processes in the body but the quality of the water we are drinking can be the marked difference of what is an ok system or a great system. Most clients that I see will tell me that they have energy slumps throughout the day which is often down to not being properly hydrated and they say this is because they don’t like water or don’t have time. Its my job to get them to engage with this and drink regularly. Believe me once they start drinking this kind of water they suddenly start to really enjoy it.

Q. Do you feel that Pure H2O is supporting your decisions about the food you drink and the kind of lifestyle you lead, in terms of your wellbeing?

It all goes hand in hand. It is arbitrary to be spending good money on organic fruit and vegetables if you are then going to wash them in water that isn’t clean. And how can you get the best out of your exercise or holistic practises such as meditation without taking in clean water?

Q. What do you think are the main benefits of drinking RODI pure water?

A more efficient overall system, increased energy, improved detoxification, better digestion, clearer skin…need I go on!

Q. In what circumstances would you recommend people drink Pure H2O?

Very simply anyone, anywhere and as much as possible.

Q. Were concerns – environmental and / or health – surrounding the use of plastics a factor in your decision to have a Pure H2O purifier installed?

Yes of course. Lets be clear here that plastics are very hard on the environment, you only have to do a tiny bit of research to find that out. There is also the leaching of xenoestrogens and other chemicals that can have an impact on health. Most water companies will be transparent about this but its not a nice thought on any level.

Thank you for talking to us, Eve! You can find out more about Eve, her recipes, nutrition advice and more at And you can find out about our water purifiers here – we have 3 installation options and now offer a fantastic rental option where your whole household can enjoy unlimited Reverse Osmosis pure water for less than £1 a day.


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