The Pure H2O Company strives to offer a level of service that matches the unprecedented focus on quality and technological excellence of its products.


If you have general questions about your product, please contact our support team:


Phone: +44 (0)1483 617000

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Regular servicing of your Pure H2O water purification system keeps all impurities out of your drinking water.


Why we recommend an annual service for your water purification system:

  • Protect the investment you’ve made in your Pure H2O system by servicing it each year. Replacing the exhausted components every 12 months keeps your system fully optimised so you’ll enjoy the great taste and benefits of pure water day in, day out.
  • Did you know the levels of slug poison (metaldehyde) in our tap water exceed the legal limit and water utility companies cannot remove it? Your RODI drinking water system removes 100% slug poison along with all other impurities.
  • If you book a service each year your warranty is extended for a further 12 months, free of charge.
  • 2015 service tariff : Warranty service £249 inc VAT / Non warranty service  £199 inc VAT


For all your service queries please contact by email, by phone +44 (0)1483 617000 or use the form below.




Your details will be used to contact you ONLY in regards to this enquiry. We will treat your data with respect - full details of which are available in our Privacy Policy.


The Pure H2O Company will extend the warranty on your RODI equipment without charge for a maximum period of 10 years for clients accepting our recommendations to service the equipment annually without exception.


  1. The equipment must be serviced consecutively each year following installation without exception.
  2. Service must take place within 6 weeks of the anniversary.
  3. The service must be paid in full at the time of booking.


  1. Pumps external to the equipment.
  2. Transformers feeding the equipment.


Pure H2O engineers install water purification systems beneath the sink or remotely in the utility area.  Systems can be connected directly to fridges, steam ovens, ice makers, coffee machines and drinking faucets, eliminating hard water damage.


It is not recommended customers install or carry out any repairs to their system.


A RODI/RO purification systems can also be connected to a Quatreau tap, our revolutionary touch-sensitive multifunction tap available with pure boiling, chilled, sparkling and unfiltered tap water, thermostatically controlled for washing and cleaning.


Technical specification sheets for Pure H2O products, brochures and installation guides. Click on button to view/download pdf.



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Tech Spec


Tech Spec


Tech Spec


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    Why should I buy a PURE H2O purifier when there are others on the market?

    Our technologically advanced systems are unique; they are the most efficient in the world. They last longer than any others on the market and consistently produce pure water with the absolute minimum of water usage. To find out more about what makes our systems the best available, please click here


    Other companies talk about ‘5 stage purification processes’ – you should know that it is the membrane that removes impurities; other stages sound impressive but are not the key to purity.  Our membranes last up to 10 times longer than others on the market, meaning a saving of £1,000 on membrane replacement over a 10-year period.


    Do your purifiers remove beneficial minerals from water?

    This is a common question and we answer it in full here. Briefly, minerals in water cannot be digested, therefore minerals in water are simply impurities that have never, and will never, benefit you. We DO however get beneficial minerals from the food we eat, specifically plant-based food. Please read our interesting articles about minerals, water and food, please

    click here


    I’ve heard alkaline water is better?

    This is a common myth, and in fact quite the opposite is true. We look at this question in full on our blog; please click here to read the article


    Which purifier is best for me?

    The RODI S is the system we recommend most frequently; it removes 99.99% of impurities and has an auto-flush feature meaning absolutely no maintenance, as well as extended life of the membrane component, saving up to £1,000 over 10 years.


    Does the size of my house / amount of water I drink determine which purifier I should have?

    No, it’s about the level of convenience you require and your budget. We have 3 purifiers at different price points to suit you; the RODI S, our most advanced system, the RODI which is the same as the S, but with a manual (once a week) flush, and the RO. You can see full details about them here


    Can I drink my softened water; can I give it to my pets?

    Softened water is unlikely to cause any adverse effects on health, but UK regulations call for homes to have a hard water supply for drinking (of course hard water has its own drawbacks, which is why people ask us to install purifiers).


    Please don’t give soft water to your pets. They can drink regular tap water, or Pure H2O water from any of our purification systems.


    Can I brush my teeth with softened water?



    Should I adjust the amount of detergent & softener I use in my washing machine if I have a softener

    Yes, you can reduce these by 50% (no matter what product labels say).


    Should I still use salt in my dishwasher if I have a softener?

    No, with a softener you don’t need to use any salt whatsoever.


    What about rinse aid?

    You can continue to use rinse aid as normal.


    Is there a charge for installation?

    No. Installation by one of our trained technicians is included in the price (unless specified).


    How quickly can I have a system installed?

    Within 2 weeks from when we hear from you, but we will do this sooner if at all possible.


    Do you cover every area of the UK?

    Yes, including the Isle of Man and Channel Islands subject to additional transport charge.


    How long will installation take?

    Purifiers typically take 2 hours; we offer timed appointments within a 3-hour slot for your convenience. Softeners and Conditioners usually take a whole day.


    Do I need to do anything to prepare for installation?

    Purifiers: Please clear out and clean the cupboard where your purifier will be installed (typically under the kitchen sink); the purifiers usually take up half of a single cupboard.


    Softeners  & conditioners: We’ll visit you for a site survey before installation and will be able to advise if you need to do anything.


    Do I need a power socket?

    Yes, the purifiers and softeners use 1 power socket (just like a washing machine or dishwasher does). Conditioners do not need a power socket.


    What about water supply?

    Purifiers: We take a feed from the cold mains and run a drain to the sink. We take care of all of this; you don’t usually need any plumbing work done in anticipation of our visit.


    Softeners require access to mains water and drainage and again we take care of this.


    Can I install a system myself?

    A site survey and installation by our specially trained technicians is included in the price of our systems, and provides a full warranty. We do not recommend you install our systems yourself; we cannot provide a warranty if you do so.


    Do I need to do anything to maintain my system?

    The Pure H2O RODI S system does not require any maintenance whatsoever.


    The Pure H2O RODI and RO Purifiers just require flushing once a week. This is easy; if your system is empty (you’ve recently turned the tap on), just turn the flush valve handle, leave it for 5 minutes, then turn the valve back off. If your system is full (you haven’t turned on the tap recently), then run the tap for a moment (we suggest filling a kettle for later use), turn the tap off, and turn the flush valve handle, leave it for 5 minutes, then turn it off again.  You’ll know your system is flushing because it will make a louder noise for a few minutes.


    Softeners: top up with salt twice a year – we deliver the right kind, as you need it.


    Conditioners: none.


    Other than that, you just need to book an annual service for your purifier with one of our friendly engineers; this can be booked with our customer services team on 01483 617 000 or


    I have a question about the system you installed for me.

    Please call our customer service team on 01483 617 000 or email


    Can I order online?

    Yes, but please call us to make payment, which is by card (except AMEX), or bank transfer.


    Can I speak to you to order?

    Yes, please telephone 01483 617 000 or email


    Can I pay in instalments?

    Regrettably not (due to consumer credit licensing laws). However, we do offer rental options for the Pure H2O Purifiers, Softeners and Conditioners so you can pay monthly.


    I live outside the UK, can I order your products?

    Please call or email us to discuss your requirements and location and we  would be pleased to advise how we can help you.


    For any kind of after sales support, assistance or query

    Please call our customer service team  (Mon-Fri 9-5pm) on 01483 617 000 or email


    Technical Assistance

    Please call the above number; if we need to send a technician out to you, we guarantee this will be by the Friday after your call.



    You are very unlikely to experience any kind of emergency, but if you do, please call us on the above number and we will talk you through the problem.



    We provide a 2-year warranty on purifiers; this is extended for a further 12 months free of charge when we service your system annually. Softeners and conditioners are guaranteed for 5 years.


+44 (0)1483 617000









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