The Pure H2O Company manufactures an exclusive range of water purification systems, softeners, conditioners and multifunction taps that improve health and well-being through technological excellence.



The Pure H2O Company developed the RODI system to remove all impurities in tap water producing the purest drinking water available. It is the only system to carry EPA certification for removal of micro-organisms and the company is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer.

“Our systems are unique and protected by patents that ensure that they remain the most efficient and technologically advanced in the world.”

Roger Wiltshire

Managing Director, The Pure H2O Company



Our Values

Our Ideal is based on the values we uphold at The Pure H2O Company. It is through these values that we realise the promise of our Ideal.


Take personal accountability for our actions and results.


We are passionate about our business and the service we provide. We take pride in our brand and heritage.


We act with integrity and show respect to our staff and our customers – be real.

Great place to work

We equip our people for success through coaching and feedback, working with others and making them feel valued.


What we do for customers, we do well. We bring health, vitality and life-long value.



Our Ideal

Our Ideal is the guiding principle for all our actions and the aim of each working day:

“We value all our clients and strive to deliver lifelong value throughout our customer base be it residential or commercial.”

Paul Carter

Operational Director, The Pure H2O Company



Your choice of drinking water

Our patented RODI system is qualified to remove all impurities in tap water (and the only system to carry EPA certification for removal of micro-organisms), producing the purest freshest, greatest tasting water on the planet. It’s also the only system to use an intelligent management processor to minimise water usage, whilst optimising the rejection rate of the reverse osmosis membrane. It’s the only process that incorporates automatic flushing to remove the scale that normally blocks a membrane extending life and maintaining the production capacity for up to ten years. As a patented system it’s the only one to incorporate a cleverly designed DeIonisation module after the Reverse Osmosis stage to ensure impurities such as nitrates, slug poison, VOCs and heavy metals are removed in their entirety.


Our tap water is regulated with set, maximum permissible levels of contaminants but even these are being breached effectively making tap water illegal. It’s our firm belief that there are no acceptable levels of impurities for drinking water. Installing our RODI system will be one of the best decisions you take, not only for your family's health but the taste alone makes a Pure H2O system one of the most enjoyable, worthwhile products you will own.


Pure H2O RODI products produce the purest glass of water. Armed with this knowledge we believe that our glass is the natural choice for you.



Roger Wiltshire

Managing Director, The Pure H2O Co Ltd.

If I were to offer you three glasses of water, each from a different source and each with a list of the contaminants known to be present in the water, it would seem a natural choice to drink the purest of the three, that is the water with least contaminants, after all why would anyone knowingly drink something if they knew it contained potentially harmful chemicals.


This is very much the choice we make each time we drink water. Some people drink tap water knowing that it contains chemicals (most recently the slug poison Metaldehyde now breaches legal limits). Others will chose to drink bottled water but if you were to study the chemical analysis legally required on the side of bottled water you may be surprised to see contaminants such as nitrates that starve the red blood cell of oxygen. You may already have a water filter installed but if it’s inefficient (carbon doesn’t remove slug poison) would you still knowingly drink the water it produces?


It makes sense therefore, when making a choice of water purifier to buy a system that is guaranteed to remove all the contaminants in tap water, not just for a few weeks but for the life of the system.  Carbon filters can improve taste but don’t really scratch the surface. Reverse Osmosis is a big step in removing the inorganics but has limitations and inefficiencies. The answer is RODI Reverse Osmosis coupled to Deionisation with carbon pre and post treatment, a process pioneered by The PureH2O Company in the UK as early as 1989.



The company was founded by Roger Wiltshire in 1991,  driven by his passion for water purity and zeal to educate people about the unique health benefits derived from drinking pure water. Over two years the company's engineers continued to develop the configuration of the Reverse Osmosis De-Ionisation (RODI) process so that the residential systems would produce totally pure water when connected to UK tap water.


The company's ongoing development program refines and expands its product range in the belief that access to pure water for all means improved health and greater well-being. The range of systems are designed to suit every budget, home and office: from purifiers to simple filters that remove lead from the water supply, from stand-alone water softeners, to whole house systems.


The team behind The Pure H2O Company have applied themselves to many industrial, commercial and residential applications, adapting the technology to client requirements. It is this ability to deliver bespoke solutions that has placed The Pure H2O Company at the forefront of many pioneering developments in the use and consumption of water.


In 2010, The Pure H2O Company introduced the Quatreau Tap, the first touch-sensitive multifunction tap delivering pure water as boiling, chilled and sparkling.  Developments continue to further the range of tap systems, including the launch of Hydrocell, the range of boiling, chiller/carbonator undersink units in 2012.


Today, The Pure H2O Company serves thousands of clients throughout the UK from households to blue chip companies.







With many households in the UK experiencing difficulties with their water supply and water companies issuing hosepipe bans throughout the summer months, planning your water resources is a vital part of any development plans.
The RainSwitch system designed by The Pure H2O Company collects, treats and supplies rain water to the whole house. Rain water is naturally pure and therefore naturally soft, making it the best water to use throughout the house. It leaves no deposits, doesn't scale up appliances and is great for the skin and hair.
Storage and treatment of rain water is one of the primary factors in determining suitability for end use, RainSwitch incorporates three stages to produce high purity, naturally soft water throughout the home. With a number of treatment options from capture of rain water for irrigation through to totally pure water throughout the home, including potable drinking water.


We specialise in bespoke water treatment solutions, from water purification for dentists, supplying autoclaves and throughout the surgery; clean rooms and high purity (ultra pure water) for industry.  We build large scale, million litre water treatment plants and are the sole supplier of water purification equipment to Integrated Dental Holdings.


Raymond Blanc chose us to supply and treat the supply of water at Le Manior aux Quat'Saisons, where we also treat the bore hole water for use throughout the property.


We have pioneered the Water Bar together with Planet Organic, retailing refillable pure water bottles for use on site and for customers to take away. We work with leading organic and health food retailers to supply refillable bottle pure water dispensing units.



If you are thinking of sourcing water from your own bore hole, Bore2pure provides a complete answer for the treatment and delivery throughout your home. Bore2Pure offers the full water treatment solution to bore hole contaminants, producing potable water that can be up to 99.99% purer than London tap water and could help make homes self-sufficient in water consumption.


Bespoke systems prescribed in consultation with you, including dosing and contact tanks; organic and colloidal treatment; water softening and treatment; water purification systems; delivery systems and pumps.


In a world where water resources are coming increasingly under pressure, it is not sufficient just to adopt new technologies but to push the boundaries in performance, energy consumption and exploitation of salt recovery.  Global experience in the spectrum of technologies, both old and new, places The Pure H2O Company GWT at the forefront of its field.


Pure H2o GWT is our global water treatment division that specialises in Desalination. The Pure H2O Company GWT is an entity bringing together multiple disciplines in water treatment with the world’s most prolific design engineers.


Learn more about Pure H2O GWT at


+44 (0)1483 617000









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